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If you can’t reblog a post about your book, what can you reblog 😉 I love this review!!! Thank you, Somya!

Bookaholic Meets Finance Aficionado


Thank you so much Mills & Boon and HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy.

So this book had everything you can crave and want from a Mills & Boon novel and honestly so much more . It revolves around Jennifer and Marcus who are big names in the tech world and are workaholics who meet each other by chance in a restaurant ( they were supposed to meet each other but the person who’s the link between them doesn’t come and they both are left hanging). From the very first moment the two characters look at each other their is a huge seismic ball of attraction between them. What I liked was that it wasn’t love but attraction at first sight which is totally understandable. When they meet they don’t share their identities with each other and plan to go and have a good Fuck ( I…

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