“Our Little Secret” Blog Tour Highlights

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the bloggers who helped make publication day so special, and to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for organising the day and spreading the word.

I’ve pulled out some highlights below with links to the full reviews, so if your contemplating buying this book and want a better feel for what you’re getting, here is the perfect opportunity.

“This is another fantastic, steamy, erotic and completely absorbing read that I devoured from beginning to end…another hot hot hot five star read…and one you should definitely not miss.”  

Coffee & Kindle Book Reviews

“It’s fun, frivolous and sexy all rolled into one!

I needed to fan my self while reading Faye and Rafael’s story. Their electrically charged attraction leads to swizzling hot and erotic scenes…more than satisfying with a sentimental twist and it’s another five star novel from a favourite author of mine.”

Linn Seanor & Ellesea Loves Reading

“This story was one of the quickest read I have ever had. It just grabbed my attention from the start and I found it impossible to put it away!”

Tizi’s Book Review

“I don’t know about you but sometimes I just need a book with plenty of romance, sex, chemistry and tension. The only author I know who provides all of those things and a great story as well is Rachael…

Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating from me!”

Karen & Her Books

“This is another steamy tale from Rachael Stewart and it oozes sex appeal.

If you fancy escaping to sunnier climes with a sexy guy, then this is the perfect treat.”

Book Escapes with Babs

“I really enjoyed this book. I really liked this authors writing style. The story kept me hooked from start to finish and the romance in this book was hot!”

Bookish Kelly

“Rachael Stewart never fails to provide us with a captivating, steamy read…This book ticked all the boxes…The setting was brilliantly detailed…With a plot that has so much intensity and drive throughout, this book was impossible to put down!”

Victoria Wilks, Author

“Romance, Tuscany and a wedding, all three are guaranteed in this sizzling hot romantic adventure…

Passionate secrets make this an enjoyable sensual romance in vibrant Tuscany.”

Jane Hunt, Author

“This is quite possibly one of my favourite books from the Dare Series, it was unbelievably toe curling and very hot 🔥 I couldn’t put it down 🙊

I absolutely love Rachael Stewart and the way she writes…It is heavily detailed and sexy as hell!”

Danielle Amor, Good Reads Reviewer

“What I liked…an interesting meet-cute…The family dynamics…The string bikini scene and a few others that sizzled…easy feel-good story and quick escape.”

Cathy’s World

“Overall this book is too good to put into words. When I wasn’t reading this book I was thinking about it. It completely captivated me…

From the sexy scenes to the conversations and character interactions…This is one seriously seductive story!”

Lemon Nail Fiend, Blogger

“It wasn’t only the Tuscan sun that was super hot…

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a steamy romance in an amazing location with some fabulous characters and a lot of drama that will keep you on your toes.” 

Anna’s Book Blog

“Well, the sizzling chemistry in this Mill & Boon Dare novel is as hot as the Tuscan sun which it is set under.

My favorite scene was the unique circumstances under which the couple met…It was a bold and sexy opening to a story that didn’t disappoint.”

Julia Firlotte, Author

“If you like the trope ‘best friend’s older brother’ then this is the book for you.

Perfect – I cannot fault it…❤️”

Mrs L J Gibbs, Good Reads Reviewer

“In Our Little Secret, Rachael Stewart has written another exceptional contemporary romance that beautifully balances humour, sizzle, pathos and heart…

A top-notch romantic read from a very talented writer…”

Bookish Jottings

“A sexy treasure…this author has the gift to tell an erotic tale but it is always with intriguing characters and real problems…I love this candy.”

Fany Goes English Blog

“The characters brought meaning to the story, they were well developed and worked really well together making the book a wonderfully addictive read.

I started and finished the book in an afternoon as it was one I didn’t want to put down!”

Guest Review, Donna’s Book Blog

“The way that Rachael balances the emotional development and drama with the sex is perfect…

I don’t think I’ve read any other author that can balance these aspects so well and create such a compelling story that you’re emotionally invested the whole way through to such a deep level.

She’s definitely one of my favourite authors!” 

Proud Book Reviews

“5 Word Review: Lust, attraction, passion, family, friendship.

Our Little Secret delivers so much more than I expected…I loved the family dramas and reconciliations that helped drive the characters on…

This was a romance that had me thinking yes, this is it. This is perfect.”

Cora, Tea Party Princess

“Our Little Secret is fast paced, and detailed…the chemistry and passion made for a great adventure…a great way to escape to Tuscany.”

Quirky Book Reads

“A very quick and enjoyable romance with an abundance of steamy scenes.

Our Little Secret is definitely a book that I could see myself rereading several times in the future.”

JenJen Reviews

” Did I love the plot? Yes! 

I loved the interactions; I loved the build-up; and I loved that there were so much more than the sexy times…

In this novel there is: Family, friendship, insecurities, drama, and romance (of course, the steamy kind).”

Jess’ Bookish Life, Reader, Writer & Blogger

“From reading the synopsis of Our Little Secret by Rachael Stewart I was looking forward to starting the book, and it delivered more than what I expected… 

Our Little Secret is a great book! I found it well-written and with lovable characters could only result in one score for Our Little Secret, and that is 5 stars.”

Cara’s Book Boudoir

Have these lovely bloggers tempted you into grabbing a copy?

I hope so! You can grab it here 💋

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