Mr One-Night Stand Blog Tour Highlights

My debut Harlequin / Mills & Boon DARE has been lucky enough to have two blog tours (yup, like the Queen, it’s being greedy 😉 having two birthdays!) and I have been overwhelmed by the response. Thank you to the wonderful bloggers that have taken the time to share their thoughts on the book, and to Rachel at Random Resources and Mills & Boon for organising the tours – it has been one awesome month or so!

First up, the Mills & Boon Blog Tour…

DARE Blog Tour Dates

You can drill into each review and see what they had to say in detail by clicking on the blogger:

“…a book full of passionate encounters…far from a one dimensional novel…it is likely to be a popular novel, and deserves success.” 

Northern Reader

“I can highly recommend reading this one…Oh boy was this book hot.”

Shell from Boonies123 

“If you like your romances very hot, then this is the book you need to read…there is far more to this than just a good old fashion romp between the sheets….I for one cannot wait to read more from her.

Frankie from Chicks, Rogues & Scandals

“The gradual realisation that they’re in too deep is fun to read, and you have to empathise. The conflicts they face are realistic but so worth the pain. The ending is worthy of such a deserving couple. Loved it!.”

Jane Hunt

“Think you know [Mills & Boon]…Give it a chance you’ll be surprised.”

Sassy Brit

“Mr One-Night Stand is seriously sexy, steamy, and sensual. It’s sex positive and feminist and it is definitely one of my favourite romances.”

Cora from Tea Party Princess

“5 Stars…Wowzer! That was one smokin’ hot read…I was hooked right till the very end.” 

Laura from Tangents and Tissues

“…sexually charged, expertly written and thoroughly modern romance.”

Gemma from Book Mood Reviews

“This M&B imprint is for the teenagers who grew up to now want a bit more oomph from their story, which is certainly what you get.” 

Boozy Bookworm

“So this book had everything you can crave and want from a Mills & Boon novel and honestly so much more….It was a super steamy read which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.”

Bookaholic Meets Finance Aficionado

“If you enjoy your Romances with a sizzling hot erotic twist then you will absolutely love MR ONE-NIGHT STAND!” 

Dash Fan Book Reviews

Okay, so it has to be said I was left feeling pretty pumped after that tour. But as ever, the anxiety that seems so prevalent in the make-up of an author still hounded me. My worry that I couldn’t stack up to the other fabulous authors in the DARE line was hanging on. But then I had my tour with Rachel at Random Resources and the good reviews have kept on coming…

Mr One Night Stand Full Tour Banner

“Hot. Hot. Hot…This is an enjoyable story and I just loved everything about it; the plot, the storyline, and the characters.”

Deekay from Daily Dose of Reading

“This book is the perfect book to read if you just want to sit back and enjoy.”

Tizi’s Book Review

“a sizzling read that has all the swooning tension from the get go, written in a wonderful style that has your heart racing.”

Em from Afternoon Bookery

“Wow and wow some more……did someone turn the heat up in here because that book was on fire.”

Stacy from Stacy Is Reading

“Mr One Night-Stand is the perfect escape from reality, have fun reading and indulging the personalities and the hot romance!”

Fany from In De Boekenkast

 “Sexy, emotional and far too good to miss, Mr One Night Stand is a must-read for readers who like smart, sizzling and satisfying romances!”

Julie from Bookish Jottings

“I had dreamy eyes while reading it, it was exciting, it was funny, and it certainly was steamy.”

Jess from Jess Bookish Life

“Rachael has an engaging style that I enjoy reading. “

Proud Book Reviews

“The plot is enthralling, exciting, and flows along perfectly, be prepared to get very hot under the collar!”

Dash Fan Book Reviews

“…a sexy, entertaining novel with relatable and fun protagonists.”

Ellesea from Ellesea Loves Reading

“This is a brilliant and addictive read that kept me hooked in from the first page to the last.”

Kay from Coffee and Kindle Book Reviews

“Mr. One-Night Stand was a fun blurred lines office romance…it was fun to watch this playboy fall.”

Janine from The World Was Hers For The Reading

“This was a fun, fast moving story that I thought was really enjoyable.”

Guest Review at Donna’s Book Blog

“Sizzle and snap, this lascivious story had my Kindle throwing off sparks.”

DJ Sakota from Books and Bindings

“It was sexy! It was erotic! It was dramatic! And it was a real page turner from beginning to end!”

Stephanie from Writing from the Heart

“If you’re looking for a book that will snag your attention, but gives you everything you want in a romance quickly, then this is perfect!”

Cassandra from Made-up Reviews Parenting & Brews


Want to check it out for yourself, you can get your hands on it via and I hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Reading, lovelies! 💋


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