Beauty And The Reclusive Millionaire: Blog Tour Highlights

I can’t believe we’re coming to the end of 2021 and that I’m here to share the highlights of another tour with the fabulous Rachel’s Random Resources.

What can I say, guys, but wow, wow, WOW! Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire has received so much book love that I’ve been overwhelmed by the reviews that have rolled in. A HUGE thank you to the bloggers who read and shared their thoughts and to Rachel, for organising and sharing all the love. You’re all fabulous!

Below you can read my tour highlights (with links to the full reviews) and if you’re visiting this page to see if you want to give the book a read, you’ve come to the right place…I’ll let the bloggers convince you 😉

“It’s a beautiful story. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Alaric and Catherine [and] it will certainly get your heart racing!”

Two Ladies and a Book Blog

“…this is not my first book from Rachael Stewart, and I certainly hope it won’t be my last.  She is a master in this style of writing, which delivers romance and luxury in spades.

The setting for this story, along with the food were magical.  I could almost taste each meal and the scorching sun was enough to make me yearn for time on a Greek Island.”

Book Escapes with Babs

“A beautiful tale about second chances, broken people, a beautiful grand gesture, written by an author that succeeded my high expectations and delivered exactly what I needed on a droopy day!”

Tizi’s Book Review

“Beauty & The Reclusive Millionaire is touching, romantic, funny and sexy. All in all a wonderful read!”

Author Rachel Brimble

“…a captivating plot with vivid imagery and well described scenes that transports the reader to the warm plains of Greece. I also like how Stewart has taken aspects from the well known story of beauty and the beast and created her own twist [with] tension and emotional drama through out.”

Quirky Book Reads

“If you enjoy heartwarming, contemporary, second chance romance I highly recommend you give this brilliant read a chance!

I throughly enjoyed reading it.”

Splashes into Books

“Rachael Stewart strikes gold yet again with an emotional, uplifting and enjoyable contemporary romance I couldn’t read fast enough”

Bookish Jottings

“I love Rachael’s books. They are the kind of books that are snacks for me. Not only do I read them with easy, but they give me substance to go on in life. And this romance was just what I needed.

One of those books I know I can reread whenever I get in the mood for romance and need those classic stories.”

Jess Bookish Life

“Absolutely perfect curling up on the sofa in front of a warm fire, the perfect balm for the cold winter nights.”

TBHonest Book Reviews

“This was a truly amazing read that gave me Beauty and the Beast vibes from the outset and as that is one of my favourite films I knew I would love this book.

The storyline was on point, the characters had intense chemistry and the location was perfect. I read this book in a few hours because frankly I just couldn’t put it down…”


“…a contemporary slant on the original [Beauty and the Beast Fairytale], brimming with drama, emotion and romance.”

Jane Hunt Writer

“Whether this is your first book by Rachael Stewart or you are an avid like myself you will fall in love with not only her style of writing but also her characters.”

Lemon Nail Fiend

“There isn’t a love story that this woman can’t write. [Rachael Stewart] is one of my go to love story authors and this one is possibly one of my favourites of hers…a truly beautiful modern day version of beauty and the beast.

An amazing 5⭐ love story.”

Karen & her books

“This is a lovely sunshine escapist read for all contemporary romance fans. The characters are well drawn and become real individuals from their first appearance…

This book represents a light and well written escape from winter weather and real life, a dream-like tale of attraction against the odds.”

Joules Barham, Northern Reader

“There isn’t too much drama during the book, which allows the main theme of grief to shine through and really be the focus that draws our attention equally alongside the romance.

And then there was the ending. The ending that rounded it all out and gave an awesome happily ever after moment.”

Proud Book Reviews

“I’ve never read a Rachael Stewart before but she is fantastic. This was a very short read at 250 pages but was packed full of romance and it was spicy too.

This was a perfect love story with the perfect ending…”

Kim, Book Blogger

“As a romance, BEAUTY AND THE RECLUSIVE MILLIONAIRE by Rachael Stewart ticked every box possible and I cannot wait to read more from this wonderful author.”


“I enjoyed this book!

…Alaric’s staff, especially Dorothea the cook, are hilarious – sometimes a literal Greek chorus doing their very best to fan the romantic sparks into flames from the sidelines!

…If you can’t make it to an idyllic Greek island, enjoy this one with a nice glass of red wine.”

Reviews in Heels

“All said, this book transported me to a romantic, private Greek island and into the lives of Alaric and Catherine – and I couldn’t have been happier.

It’s emotional, atmospheric, moving and oh so romantic. I’m dubbing Rachael Stewart as the bona fide queen of Mills & Boon romances with yet another 5 star read.”

Jo Reads Romance

“Rachael has packed her latest offering with all of the essential ingredients needed to capture the attention and imagination of even the most hardened romance readers.

Rachael is a natural storyteller. With great descriptive imagination and character development.

A quick, easy and pleasurable read.”

Becca, She Loves To Read Blog

“…uplifting and heart warming, it is brilliantly written and flows nicely throughout.

I love this modern version of beauty and the beast, at how the two worlds can collide and there can be a second chance at romance!”

Snowphie The Book Worm

“…a fantastic re-telling of Beauty and the Beast (which is one of my favourite fairy tales).
Set on a beautiful private island in Greece, this was a fabulous book to read.

I highly recommend all of Rachael’s books as they are the perfect short reads.
Score:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

As Read by Danielle

5 Word Review: Fame, fortune, love, forgiveness, belonging.

Can I go to a private Greek island please? And just… Relax? This story had me sighing so much, in the best of ways…

Rachael Stewart is a favourite for a reason, and I can’t wait to see what they write next.”

Tea Party Princess, Northern Book Blogger

I hope the wonderful bloggers have convinced you to take a chance on Catherine and Alaric’s tale. It’s a contemporary Beauty and the Beast with a whole lot of heat courtesy of the Greek sun and their sizzling connection, and even more heart!

Want to grab a copy? You can get it here 💋

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