My Novella “Unshackled”

Quite a few people have asked me recently about the self-published novella I put out there a couple of years ago and I figured a mini blog post dedicated to it was a good idea. So here it is, along with the relevant link on Amazon UK.

The book is no longer available to buy as the modified and extended version is due to be released by Deep Desires Press in May 2018 but this gives you a little taster of what is to come…

The History…

I originally wrote it in a random fit of creativity that struck me after I entered the Mills & Boon Tempted to Write contest in January 2014. I had just sent off my entry and was itching to write something else. Something really, truly naughty but still with an emotional journey and a full-on thrilling storyline.

The book flew from my fingers and when it was done, I realised I had no publisher in mind to send it to – Oops!

I hadn’t worked off a spec sheet of any sort, it was a story that told itself, and I didn’t really want to go back and make it fit with an existing publishing line. So, after much debate and a barrage of encouragement from the hubby, I decided to give self-publishing a go. It all looked straight forward enough and thanks to the amazing help of a good friend, it was proof-read to death.

The Publishing Journey…

It was released in early 2015 and actually reached the top ten list for Erotica, even hitting the no. 1 spot briefly. I was ecstatic to say the least but also acknowledged that without the backing of a publisher, I would struggle to get enough of a readership. Bearing in mind, I was a complete social media novice back then and hadn’t a clue where to begin with advertising, I was reliant solely on word-of-mouth. I therefore scoured the internet and found a large US publisher that may be interested.

Sending it off, I was stunned when a Senior Editor came back and told me she loved it and would I be happy for her to take it to the Acquisitions Team. Yes, yes, yes! More great news soon followed – they loved it too! Only they wanted more, twice as much in fact!

They asked that it be made into a full-length novel and they wanted a tweak to the plot. All doable. They also asked for a change to my pseudonym. Apparently, the name I originally chose (Bonney Stewart, a combination of my maiden and married name) was considered too old fashioned. This is the reason I now publish under Rachael Stewart.

However, it took a few months to complete the work (lots going on!) and by the time I’d finished it, the Editorial Directorship changed hands and they no longer felt the book to be a good fit. I was disheartened, but then I remembered coming across the new publisher Deep Desires Press. They were looking for books of a similar ilk, i.e. filthy, and I swiftly sent it off. Cue happy dance – they wanted it!

And the rest, as they say, is history. Unshackled, the bigger and better version, has found a new home.

The Future…

So folks, if you read it and were one of the ones that begged for a longer version, it’s coming!!

And if you’ve not read it yet but like the sound of it, keep an eye out for it. The reviews of the original hopefully give you a taste of what fun you can expect…

Happy reading!


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