My current mantra: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

That truly is what you’d get if you were in my head right now.

Ever since I got “THE CALL” Friday afternoon from Flo Nicoll at Mills & Boon offering me a two-book deal, I have swung from disbelief to absolute, sheer excitement. It has been a dream for so long to write for them that I can scarcely believe it is happening.

To think I didn’t take the call when it first came in. I was on the school run, just returning home and chatting away to one of the school dad’s when I saw the “No Caller ID” come up on my phone. Figuring it to be a cold caller and not wanting to be rude, I continued on my conversation. By the time I let me and my two little-ones into the house I’d pretty much forgotten about it entirely.

The next thing I know, an email comes in from Flo telling me she tried to reach me but no answer and would I have time for a quick chat!!!!

Bearing in mind I had spent the entire week in a daze, telling myself all would come out alright in the end, I just had to keep at it and stop stressing that they’d hate it, I was convinced she was ringing to go through issues with the submission and what was I thinking etc etc. So, having settled the children swiftly, I fired an email back saying of course I can, locked myself in the study, scrabbled for a pen and paper while at the same time frying my brain with all the issues she could raise and what I could say to alleviate them.

When Flo called again, which was no time at all after my email(!), I was so nervous I was scribbling doodles on some paper and telling myself to remain calm. Barely past the introductions (it is lovely finally putting a voice to the name, Flo!) she said she had passed the manuscript around the team and that they all really liked it. From that second on, I left the planet of the sane entirely and between the crying and thanking Flo, I got the gist that I was being offered a two-book deal which involved monetary remuneration (how can one forget the money, but I had, it was never really on my radar, my dream was purely about making it as an M&B writer) and that it was all go on the marketing front to get my name out there.

What happened after was incredible. M&B started following me on twitter and the next thing I know, they’re welcoming me into the family! The family I have dreamed about being a part of since reading my Nan’s collection in my early teens. Perhaps I need to give a huge shout out to my Nan here for sparking the original dream, whether it be the Enid Blyton books she first thrust my way, along with a much-loved membership to the Blyton fan club, to the “adult” books I eventually discovered under her wing, my father’s family have a lot to answer for. So, to Nanny Pat, and my Aunty Carolyn who read all my novels as a youngster, a huge THANK YOU! I love you muchly!

So, folks, this is a post to all my supportive friends and family for giving me the determination to get to this point. And it is also a strong message to all those aspiring authors who dream of getting THE CALL one day. Please, please, please, never give up! It really can happen! Deborah Taylor, you know I have you in mind here too! Go for it! You never know what is just around the corner… Oh and Jenny Magee, OK you’re a Hollett now, but this is to you too, get yourself writing, there’s an M&B in you, I just know it!

Love to all,

A Buzzing-Me xxx

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  1. Such a lovely call story. You have so inspired me to crack on with my medical and to not think about the outcome. Just get on and write and submit the damn thing! You’ve bloody got me blubbering now! I’m incredibly proud to have you as a twitter friend and wish you all the luck going forward. Just enjoy the journey and I can’t wait to buy your books xxxxx

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    1. Aw thank you Deborah, I am so pleased you feel that way! It is exactly what I intended to do, you have gone so far with your writing that you really mustn’t give up. Just keep reminding yourself of those achievements and get your head down lovely! You can do it! xx


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