My first blog post

Having grown up torturing my family members and friends by making them read my childhood creations (mainly off-the-wall nonsensical stories or possible Enid Blyton rip-offs…I still have the evidence!), it only seems fair that I return to the literature world and do it to them all over again as an adult. I can already sense the groans from the people who had to endure it the first time round!

But hey, when a publisher tells you they want to offer you a contract, it’s kind of like winning the lottery. It’s a dream come true. And when they’re interested, then you have to be doing something right…right?

So here I am writing my first blog post and welcoming you to my world of romance. Grandparents, if you’re reading this then you may want to stop now. It’s not that I don’t want you to know what I do, it’s more that you probably won’t want to know, when you do know…just kidding!

Most love sex, it’s what keeps us making those little ankle-grabbers that we adore! And many of us like reading it, watching it, fantasising about it and so on.

But when it comes to erotica and books, I need the romance. Without the growing relationship between the characters, it’s just a load of thrusting, writhing bodies with a whole of lot of moaning and yes, it can still be good if written well, but it’s the mix of romance and dirty sex that makes it unforgettable. And that’s what I strive for in my writing.

Hopefully, as a reader you will find exactly that in my creations, just watch this site for details of my upcoming novels.

As an aside, while trying to perfect my art of writing – if you can ever really perfect it! – I’ve found many fabulous resources that have guided me along the way and I’ll start to drip feed them into my blog in between writing stints…and speaking of writing stints, I really need to get back to it else I will forever be labelled a procrastinator. Heaven forbid.

Ciao for now!


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