UNSHACKLED (Released May 1st, 2018)

Unshackled iPhone and BookA rich girl sick of doing her stepdad’s bidding. A young woman submitting to the same man for financial security. Can they escape his sadistic clutches and finally find true love?

22-year-old Abi Taylor is sick of being used as a puppet by her overbearing, money-hungry stepfather. Wealthy life or not, she wants out—the only question is how? But then her stepfather’s latest fiancée Emma shows up and Abi’s life is turned on its head.

She is inexplicably drawn to Emma. Their fierce attraction leaves her confused and vulnerable, but she soon realizes it’s the least of her problems as she is pulled into her stepfather’s corrupt and sadistic world where betrayal is rife, family means nothing, and sex is everything. Abi knows she needs to escape the man who controls her every move, but can she break free and keep it all—the money, her freedom and the girl?

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Published by Deep Desires Press.

THE GOOD SISTER (Released August 21st, 2018)



When Isla Evans agrees to switch lives with her rising star of a twin for three weeks, she has no idea the move will thrust her into the same bed as her teenage celebrity heartthrob, Bradley King. Trapped there at her sister’s request, she gives her desire free reign and finds herself falling hard and fast.

And she’s not alone.

Bradley wants a wife to tick all the boxes, save for one: love. It’s not part of the deal, never was, never will be. But when he returns home early to find his hopeful-fiancée behaving all sorts of different, he likes it. A lot. Suddenly, he wants a real marriage, with all the trimmings, and he will stop at nothing until he gets it.

But this Hollywood HEA faces one big hurdle—she’s not who he thinks she is…

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Published by Deep Desires Press.

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THE CENTURION’S WIFE (Released January 2019)

tcw kindle coverOne woman a body slave.
One woman freed.
One man destined to serve Rome.

Gaius loves his wife, but his duty is to Rome. And they want him.
He is to leave Aurelia to a household served by slaves.
Slaves that once saw her as a peer and now resent her for her freedom.
But a parting gift is bestowed: Lucia and Lucius, body slaves, masters in the art of pleasure. Entrusted with her happiness, Aurelia’s perfect innocence is a challenge like none other…

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MR ONE-NIGHT STAND (Released March 2019)


“That’s the funny thing about rules… They’re all the more fun when they get broken.”

All I want is one night of crazy.

Something to forget business, to forget my family obligations. And the moment I see him, I know he’s my distraction. Mr. Oh-So-Delicious, whose compelling dark eyes promise all the decadent sin I could want. To hell with doing what’s right all the time. For one night, I am giving myself over to the possibilities—and to him. No names, no “real” talk…just wild, no-holds-barred sex.

Then I find out the truth. My naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright, my new business partner. And worse—he knew.

Now we’re playing with fire, our business days filled with suggestive teasing and the promise of wicked pleasures. Neither of us can stop the rush of hot desire, the need to touch and taste each other. There’s no off switch. And it’s a dangerous game that could cost us everything.

But there’s something else happening between us. Something I can’t stop. Because now my heart is on the line, and my too-sexy Mr. Wright is either Mr. Wrong…or the best mistake of my life.

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Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon.

THE BAD SISTER (Released APRIL 23rd, 2019)



When movie star Carrie Evans begs her ordinary twin sister to switch lives with her for three weeks, all Carrie can think about is escaping the trappings of Hollywood. But returning to England throws her into the path of old flame Dan Stevenson, the boy she left behind—without telling him why. And Dan’s no longer the soft, dependable guy, quick to do her bidding. He’s hot, sexy and dangerous…everything her career-savvy self should run away from.

But she can’t.

When Carrie walked out of Dan’s life without a backward glance, she broke his heart. Now, she’s back begging him to help save her sister’s business. The fire is still there: he wants her, and she wants him. But forgiveness? Never. He’s not the boy he once was. He’s a man in control, used to getting what he wants, and he’ll help her, as well as do a whole lot more.

But can their hearts survive a second time around…especially when the truth of the past comes out?

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MR TEMPTATION (Released June 2019)


Businesswoman Zara Anders always keeps it professional at work—until she meets sexy billionaire Daniel. But their scorching affair is threatened when Zara learns Daniel’s secret… Will his racy business proposal tempt her back to the bedroom?

After a messy breakup with an unfaithful ex, Zara Anders swears off men, vowing to focus on her career running an estate agency for the elite. And then she meets Swedish billionaire Daniel Lazenby: strong, successful and sexually magnetic. Just the kind of man she should avoid.

Daniel is helping his sister buy a house, and Zara finds him impossible to resist. Before long, the pair embark on a passionate fling, all the racier for its secrecy. When Zara discovers the truth about Daniel’s womanizing ways, she’s furious. She wants to end their affair immediately, knowing she’ll only get hurt otherwise. But Daniel isn’t going down without a fight. He hires Zara himself. He wants two houses—and a shot at proving to Zara that their red-hot chemistry is worth fighting for.

Zara knows the deal might break her heart, but the business is too tempting to turn down…and the out-of-office thrills are an electrifying bonus!

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Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon.

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