Billion-Dollar Matches

The one thing money can’t buy? Love!

Finding true love is never easy. But when you’re famous, it’s even harder… So, M is here to help! M is a dating agency with a twist. They offer, to the rich and famous, a chance to date away from the limelight. And it’s this promise of absolute discretion that compels every A-lister to keep them on speed dial.

M’s founder, Madison Morgan, is no stranger to the red carpet herself. A former child actress, Madison knows – better than anyone! – the value of privacy. Which makes her an expert at finding the most idyllic and secluded locations for her clients. From Lake Geneva to the Seychelles, and Puerto Rico to Indonesia, Madison creates the perfect backdrop to a couple’s love story. And, just maybe, her own?

Fall in love with…

The Princess and the Rebel Billionaire, by Sophie Pembroke
Surprise Reunion with His Cinderella, by Rachael Stewart
Caribbean Nights with the Tycoon, by Andrea Bolter
Indonesian Date with the Single Dad, by Jessica Gilmore

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