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A little bit about me…as of September 2017…

Born in Wales, I am a valleys girl at heart, and as a child I wrote stories, lots of stories. If I didn’t have my head in a book, I was creating some fantastical world or other, taking ideas from everything around me, the news, my favourite books, the tv, the people in the street…not so good when they recognise themselves in them. Children can have such a special way with words!

I still have the evidence of my creations in a box in the loft, reams of A4 sheets with scarcely legible handwriting telling stories ranging from murder mystery and adventure, to thrillers and romance. One was actually typed on my father’s business laptop (it was a hefty, only-portable-if-you-could-weight-lift kind of a box) which he then took into work, printed it off and bound it up using his company’s facilities – how proud he must have been of that particular one. Mr Friendly & Willow I think I called it and it bears a significant resemblance to Enid Blyton’s Mr Pink-Whistle. Oops!

Pushing my hobby aside, I tried to be sensible on the job-front, I struck out for the big city career, getting a First Class Degree in Business and securing a professional career as a Business Analyst. I left Wales in the process and moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. All good. Although I really left Wales for love, not for the work. See that’s the romantic heart in me, always having the final say.

But as any writer knows, the bug never leaves you. I wrote in my spare time, whenever the mood took me, but never had enough minutes to make a proper go of it. Or to build up my courage and get the confidence to put myself out there, open myself up to the inevitable rejection(s) and critical reviews.

So lucky for me when I married my very own hero, had children and settled down, and those children all went to school, I was finally gifted the time to put into my writing (thanks to aforementioned hero) and built up the confidence to put my works out there (again thanks to aforementioned hero, family and friends).

I have written romance in various forms, from historical to contemporary, heartwarming to the downright erotic (still romance!!). The market has changed a lot since I was young and as it has become more open to erotica, indeed actually encouraging it (check out the new Mills & Boon Dare line launching in 2018!) it has been fun to dabble at both ends of the scale.

I love writing erotic romance. I love writing soft romance. I just love being true to the book and the characters within it. If they demand naughtiness, they get naughtiness. In today’s market the handcuffs are off so to speak. And I feel incredibly lucky that I get to play a part in it and create worlds for others to lose themselves (as well as myself) in.

Here’s to romance and escapism at it’s best!

Now, if I haven’t put you to sleep with my rabble, have a look around my site and feel free to contact me…I would love to hear from you. 



PS any grammatical errors or similar throughout feel free to tell me on the quiet 😉 Being a writer makes the perfectionist in me utterly neurotic when it comes to putting pen to paper (or rather print to screen) for the world to see!

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